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General – Engine Room Maintenance Chemicals


Drew Marine’s Engine Room Maintenance and Cleaning solutions protect both your crew and the wellbeing of the entire ship. Drew Marines expert guidance and an assortment of compliant cleaning products prevent injury, equipment damage, and loss of life as a result of engine room fires and accidents.

    ENVIROMATE 2000 is a water-based cleaner formulated to meet the marine industry’s safety and performance requirements. Through its unique blend of cleaning agents, it is a non-flammable, general purpose cleaner perfect for a broad range of surface, deck, engine, and offshore applications. It is also recommended for ultrasonic cleaning applications.
  • EDGE
    EDGE is a multi-purpose heavy duty cleaner specifically formulated to meet the marine industry’s requirements for cleaning action, safety and environmental considerations. This product combines heavy-duty cleaning ingredients with fast penetrating wetting agents to provide the power needed to remove stubborn soils while remaining mild enough not to harm most surfaces.
  • DREWCLEAN 3000
    DREWCLEAN 3000 is a heavy duty liquid degreaser that easily removes fresh and aged oily soils. It is recommended for cleaning and degreasing engine rooms, tank tops, and bilges, as well as for cleaning bulkheads and other shipboard surfaces from grease and oily soils. It is non-corrosive, contains no chlorinated solvents or surfactants and consequently can be safely used on painted and unpainted metal surfaces.
  • O&GR
    O&GR oil and grease remover is a blend of active cleaning agents and emulsifying solvents. It penetrates and dissolves grease, oil and grimy soils forming a soluble mixture that can be rinsed away with water. O&GR can be used as a cleaner for metal, parts and tools, painted and unpainted surfaces, decks, bulkheads, machinery, engines and wherever grease, oil and grimy soils are a problem.
    AMEROID OWS is a quick separating, superior solvent emulsifying detergent for general engine room degreasing and for cleaning and gas freeing of bilges. AMEROID OWS breaks quickly and does not harm the operation of oily water separators required under the MARPOL regulations.
    AMEROID RSR is a liquid combination of rust- dissolving acid, an emulsifier and a passivator for removing rust and rust stains, and passivating iron and steel surfaces.
    DREWTAN RC is non-flammable and can be used on rusted steel and sand-blasted steel as a pre-coating preparation that forms a water-insoluble black film that prevents moisture from penetrating into the metal surface. It is compatible with most paint types and coating systems, such as alkyd systems, modified alkyds, chlorinated rubber, epoxies, polyurethanes, and vinyls.
    CREWCAREDM HC is a powerful hand cleaner formulated with aloevera extracts, jojoba esters and citrus oils that removes extremely stubborn industrial soils such as lubricants, grease, varnish, ink, tar, bitumen and adhesives. The action cleans and conditions the skin and aids in the removal of soils.


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Drew Marine offers a suite of maintenance chemicals and light equipment designed to remove typical soils and foulants encountered in the engine room. With experience in cleaning critical systems such as boilers, evaporators, air coolers, separators, filters, and electric motors and parts, our chemicals ensure Drew Marine provides tailored, cost-effective solutions to ensure your systems and engine rooms are maintained at peak efficiency.



Drew Marine has for decades been leading the maritime industry in innovative technology, responsive delivery and cost-effective solutions to unique problems for almost a century.MariTeam is stockholder for Drew Marine and we are able to support with the full range of chemicals, test kits and technical products such as dosing, welding and packing products.MariTeam is able to supply in all of Denmark, contact sales@mariteam.dk for a bespoke quote and technical advice.
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