The quality of produced freshwater can be negatively affected by scale formation from seawater, deposits, and brine carryover, which can lead to foaming and contaminates in distillate. Specific parameters should be monitored regularly in produced water in order to protect the health of your crew. Drew Marine’s treatments and specialty test kits for monitoring water quality keep freshwater production equipment at peak performance and ensure clean and safe water for your crew.

AMEROYAL evaporator treatment is a liquid combination of active polymer and antifoam used to prevent scale deposition in high and low-pressure evaporators. AMEROYAL treatment is proven effective in seawater, brackish and freshwater. AMEROYAL treatment may be used to remove existing scale deposits.

AMEROYAL CF concentrated evaporator treatment is developed specifically to prevent scale deposition and carryover in high-temperature, high-production multi-stage evaporators. This treatment significantly reduces the amount of acid cleaning required to maintain design distillate production.

CIL is a specially formulated, silica-based product for reducing corrosion normally associated with marine and offshore potable/freshwater storage and delivery systems. Use of this product in the storage tank and distribution piping will form a protective barrier-type film on internal metal surfaces.

DREW 6134
DREW 6134 is a powerful reducing agent used to remove residual oxidants in a variety of applications. Common uses include the production of preservation fluids for reverse osmosis systems and rapid dechlorination of ballast water and wastewater prior to discharge.

DREWCLEAN 2010 is a liquid cleaning formulation based on citric acid and organic sequestrants. This treatment removes inorganic mineral scale and metal oxide deposits that develop in water systems that contain high dissolved or suspended solids.

DREWCLEAN® RO is used to remove a broad range of foulants that accumulate on the surfaces of reverse osmosis (RO) membranes. DREWCLEAN RO is formulated in accordance with the specifications for cleaning solutions required by membrane manufacturers.

DREWPLUS ED-795 is specifically formulated for controlling foam in evaporative desalination equipment. This U.S. manufactured treatment is certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 60, as an antifoam to be added to the feed water.

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Drew Marine’s best-in-class desalination and evaporator treatments keep freshwater production equipment at peak performance and enable the production of high-quality feed water and potable water.

When Drew Marines products and programs are used to treat freshwater production equipment, acid cleanings and freshwater bunkers can be minimized and can stop corrosion and red water from forming in storage tanks and distribution piping.



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