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FOT fuel oil treatment is a highly effective blend of selfdispersing solvents, surfactants, detergents and emulsifying agents. It has been designed to overcome the numerous difficulties in handling and burning heavy residual fuels for main and auxiliary boilers.

As a fuel conditioner, FOT fuel oil treatment helps counteract the burden placed on the fuel transfer system by moisture, heavy hydrocarbons, excessive sludge and solid deposits. By emulsifying moisture and dispersing sludge, FOT treatment reduces maintenance, contributes to better atomization for more complete combustion, and increases the utilization of available heat units for bunkers by liquifying otherwise unburnable sludge masses, which would precipitate out during settling and centrifuging.

As a solvent, FOT treatment will assure quicker, easier and more thorough cleaning of carbonaceous deposits, baked-on sludge, varnish, gummy deposits and waxy residue from all grades of marine residual fuel.


  •  Concentrated blend of self-dispersing solvents, detergents and emulsifying agents
  • Disperses thoroughly in the fuel
  • Non-abrasive
  • Stable Formula


  • Helps to maximize bunker yields
  • Stabilizes and disperses existing bunker tank sludge
  • Reduces tank cleaning costs
  • Helps prevent sludge buildup and deposits in heaters, strainers, lines and boiler burner tips
  • Powerful solvent for cleaning burner assemblies, fuel oil heaters and strainers, and lube oil coolers
  • Easy to dose
  • Will not damage close tolerance fuel metering equipment
  • No storage problems
  • Will not separate/ settle out


FOT fuel oil treatment is available in 25-liter containers (PCN 0036401)


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