• Emg. shower

Emergency drench shower and eyewash


Safety Shower combination with eyebath MB 150/30.

Water connection 1 ¼” BSP female, Water pressure 2 Bar. Shower can have a bottom water inlet (standard) or a top water inlet. Including base plate.

Stainless Steel pull rod for operation. Eyebath has a Stainless Steel bowl with Perlators / Diffusers for a gentle soft flow and has dust covers, also a flow controller is present on the unit. This unit is also obtainable without eyebath or with an extra additional (second) body spray. A combination can also be made.

Material: Galvanised Steel with extra coating, Stainless Steel or PVC. Several options can be combined with this Shower like f.e.; Pictogram (Sign), Light, Proximity switches, Automatic Flush units, Cabin/booth, Treadle foot control, Panel foot control, etc..