Drugs+Alchohol Emergency Kit 10 persons


By having a kit on board the vessel, you are meeting the U.S. Coast Guard requirement to perform a urine collection for Drug Testing within 32 hours of a possible SMI (Serious Marine Incident- – 2006 -CFR Part IV). In addition, after reasonable cause, the Captain as the most responsible authority on the ship (as per the ISM code) may decide to perform a collection.

Each kit contains all items needed for collection of 10 persons. (Plastic bottles, COC forms, security seals, envelopes with absorbent paper, gloves, instruction manual, etc.)

This kit has no exparation date and its ready for available for immediate delivery; for the following alcohol and drug categories: AMPHETAMINES COCAINE CANNABIS OPIATES PCP (PHENCYCLIDINE) BARBITURATES BENZODIAZEPINES METHAQUALONE METHADONE ECSTASY PROPOXYPHENE ALCOHOL