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DREWTAN RC rust converter can be used on rusted steel and sandblasted steel as a pre-coating preparation.

DREWTAN RC forms a water insoluble black film which prevents moisture from penetrating into the metal surface. It is compatible with most paint types and coating systems, such as alkyd systems, modified alkyds, chlorinated rubber, epoxies, polyurethanes, and vinyls. The product is non-flammable and the dry film is fire retardant.

DREWTAN RC rust converter can be applied on all rusted steel surfaces before painting or repainting when preparation by sandblasting is a problem, e.g. cargo holds, decks, hatch covers, superstructures, pipelines, winches, rails, etc. It is also used on sandblasted surfaces to prevent or passivate “flash rust.” Beyond being particularly suitable for use in the highly corrosive marine atmosphere, it is also suitable for use
on offshore oil rigs, shipyards and refineries


  • Contains water reducible polymer
  • Formulated with mild acids
  • Neutralizes corrosion process
  • Dry film is fire retardant
  • Easily applied


  • Seals rusted surfaces prior to painting
  • Extends the lifetime of paint/coating
  • Prevents moisture from penetrating
  • Reduces the need for costly manual maintenance
  • No sandblasting required
  • Non-flammable

DREWTAN RC rust converter is available in 25-liter containers (PCN 1259408)


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