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This new, low profile light is a single compact flashing unit. It is manually activated by pressing the switch on the front of the light. The light is emitted through an ultra low profile dome, making the light less susceptible to damage during evacuation. The Alkaline range meets all the testing requirements of SOLAS and the Marine Equipment Directive but using alkaline technology this new range will still last for 60 hours – way in excess of the required 8 hours.

Manual operation requires the user to press and hold the switch for at least 1 second: when turning the light on it will emit 2 flashes in quick succession indicating it is going in to flash mode and that the switch now can be released. Turning the light off: press and hold the switch for 1 second the light will emit a steady light when pressed. Now release the switch and the light will turn off.

Major Benefits

  • No transport restrictions
  • No disposal problems at end of life
  • Exceeds SOLAS requirements
  • Ultralow dome
  • Easy to tes



More Information

One light fits all!
In addition to this Daniamant present a new lifejacket light concept. Previously you could buy a light for recessed jackets or for inflatable jackets but this was two different lights. Now Daniamant have designed a light that can be used on any jacket, you just choose the clip/receptacle that you want to match your jacket requirement. This helps our Customers stock only one light, now isn’t that a good idea!

When fitted to the 50mm belt clip, the light can attach to almost any lifejacket. When fitted to the inflator tube clip, the light can attach to almost any inflatable jacket. When fitted to the recessed receptacle, the light maintains Daniamant’s unique ultra-low profile that was specifically designed for lifejackets used on vessels with evacuation chute systems for mass evacuation of passengers.



Daniamant designs and manufactures all of their products in line with the relevant worldwide approvals, technical specifications, current legislation and International directives. Daniamant is manufacturing in Denmark and the United Kingdom. The company is merger of several other companies who all relate to the marine Survivor Location Light business dating back to 1937. Daniamant hold all necessary approvals for the Company and products, including ISO 9001, MED, SOLAS, ATEX, IECEx and a number of International approvals.Daniamant products cover 12 key areas: • Lifejacket Lights • Liferaft Lights • Lifebuoy Lights • Intrinsically Safe Lights • Special Lights • LED Flares • Forward Looking Sonars (FLS) • Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) • Salinometers • Oil Level Alarm • Electronic Inclinometer