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Crewsaver Personal Recovery Device


The Crewsaver PRD is an ergonomic, safe and effective man overboard retrieval device (MOB), designed to assist in the retrieval of conscious and unconscious casualties from the water.  Retrieval can be made horizontally without risking further injury to the casualty, or to the rescuer.

Available in a variety of sizes, each Crewsaver PRD is tailored to suit the individual needs of your specific environment and application.

Constructed from high density plastic rungs and steel rods, it is fitted with Marine Grade 316 stainless steel snap hooks. We have added lifting strops and heaving lines to aid a swift and practical retrieval.  In its larger sizes, the Crewsaver PRD can be used as a scramble net on the side of a vessel and in rescue zones or other environments where casualties are in a position to recover themselves – such as canal locks or dock walls.

The Crewsaver PRD is suitable for use by tugboat operators, standby vessels, cruise and ferry operators, MOD establishments, the Coastguard and other rescue organisations. It can also be put to work in many other applications.

There is a three year servicing requirement for each Crewsaver PRD which is readily available through the Crewsaver International network.


Options Availeble

CPRD 4×16 F/B 1.0
CPRD 4×20 F/B 1.5
CPRD 4×24 F/B 2.5
CPRD 5×16 F/B 1.0
CPRD 5×20 F/B 1.5
CPRD 5×24 F/B 2.0
CPRD 6×16 F/B 1.0
CPRD 6×20 F/B 1.5
CPRD 6×24 F/B 2.0
CPRD 10×24 F/B 2.0