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Drew Marine CREW CARE® Floor Finish Enhancer is an environmentally preferable*, concentrated floor maintenance product.

CREW CARE Floor Finish Enhancer is recommended for maintaining the protective coating of a temporary floor finish and recommended to restore the deep and vibrant gloss that has been damaged and dulled.

Regular use of CREW CARE Floor Finish Enhancer will reduce the frequency of labor-intensive floor finish recoats, will maintain the protective floor finish, and will sustain the floor finish’s overall gloss and appearance.

CREW CARE Floor Finish Enhancer comes in a case of 4 X 1 gallon (approximately 4 X 3.78 L) containers. PCN 1AB4965


  • EcoLogo Certified
  • Neutral pH
  • Readily biodegradable as defined in 40CFR796.3200
  • Contains no:
    • Suspected Endocrine Disruptors
    • Heavy Metal Complexes, APE’s, Formaldehyde
    • Phthalate
    • Alkalis
    • Acids
    • Added fragrances
  • Non-corrosive
  • Mild odor


  • Develops a tough, black mark-resistant, shiny coating
  • Less irritating to crew than conventional floor finishes
  • Less handling and application issues
  • Less impact on environment
  • Does not contribute to toxins in gray water discharge
  • Contributes to sustainability initiatives
  • Will not negatively impact waste treatment plants


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Floor Maintenance

Drew Marine’s CREW CARE Accommodation Cleaning Program is a complete product suite for the cleaning and sanitization of all areas of your vessel, producing cleaner and healthier working environments with safer, non-irritating products. Utilizing the latest technology in biobased chemistry and superior chemistry management, the CREW CARE Program delivers superior solutions that address your crew’s welfare, sanitation, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability.

Environmentally preferable floor care products that set a new standard in floor care with unrivaled environmental features and superior performance chemistry.



Drew Marine has for decades been leading the maritime industry in innovative technology, responsive delivery and cost-effective solutions to unique problems for almost a century.

MariTeam is stockholder for Drew Marine and we are able to support with the full range of chemicals, test kits and technical products such as dosing, welding and packing products.

MariTeam is able to supply in all of Denmark, contact sales@mariteam.dk for a bespoke quote and technical advice.

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