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Drew Marine’s Engine Room Maintenance and Cleaning solutions protect both your crew and the wellbeing of the entire ship. Drew Marines expert guidance and an assortment of compliant cleaning products prevent injury, equipment damage, and loss of life as a result of engine room fires and accidents.

  • ACC/ME
    ACC/ME is a patented, stable micro-emulsion cleaner, which, when sprayed on soiled parts of a marine diesel charge air cooler, penetrates and dissolves accumulated deposits, oil and grease. It can be used for “in-service” cleaning or by spraying or soaking air coolers out of service that does not contain any chlorinated solvents. Its features result in improved combustion, air cooling, and engine performance.
  • ACC-9
    ACC-9 is Drew Marine’s traditional cleaner for air coolers. ACC-9 is a combination of non-abrasive, non-corrosive solvents, detergents and inhibitors. ACC-9 penetrates and dissolves accumulated deposits, oil and grease so they can be removed by blowing with compressed air or rinsing with a stream of water. ACC-9 is highly effective at removing deposits, oil, and grease from air coolers as well as all types of engine parts.
    SAF-ACID is a special blend of sulfamic acid, wetting agent and color indicator. The wetting agent enhances the action of the sulfamic acid in removing deposits by its surface-active cleaning properties. SAF-ACID is recommended for removing mineral scale deposits from evaporators, heat exchanger heat transfer surfaces, and boilers as well as removing iron deposits when used in combination with salt.
    DESCALE-IT is a liquid acid used to remove scale and corrosion deposits from heat exchangers and piping systems that eliminate costly downtime and expensive manual descaling. DESCALE-IT is recommended for descaling boilers, evaporators, condensers, heaters and coolers.
    DREW ELECTRIC 2000 is a highly efficient, non-chlorinated solvent designed to be used in electric parts cleaning applications that require deep penetration with a controlled evaporation rate. It is economical to use and can be applied to large motors, generators, and electrical apparatus, as well as smaller equipment.
    DREW ELECTRIC FAST DRY is a highly efficient non-chlorinated solvent, specially designed for motor and electrical parts cleaning. It dissolves and cleans grease, tar, wax, and oil from electrical equipment and parts upon contact. It is safe on most metals, including aluminum, and insulation materials used in marine motors and switch gears.
  • SNC 2000
    SNC 2000 is a hydrocarbon solvent blend that does not contain any cresylic acid or chlorinated solvents that are specially designed to remove baked on and carbonized soils on valves, burner tips and other engine parts and filters. SNC 2000 penetrates deposits and dissolves oil, grease, varnish and combustion products.
    DREW FC is a non-corrosive filter cleaning agent that is used for the removal of partially carbonized oils using a circulation method. It is mainly used for the cleaning of permanently fixed oil coolers, oil preheaters and metal/ceramic oil filters. These units are regularly contaminated by particles in the oil and partially carbonized oils.
  • DREWFRESH 2000
    DREWFRESH 2000 is a high-performing micro-emulsion cleaner containing biodegradable components. This patented composition is designed especially for removing difficult to remove baked-on oils, carbonized deposits and heavy greases.
    CARBON REMOVER is a combination of highly active, fast-penetrating solvents with selected detergents and corrosion inhibitors designed to remove carbon deposits, varnish, gummy matter, etc., from diesel engine pistons, rings, valves and other parts where oil combustion fouling accumulates. It penetrates deposits and dissolves oil, grease, varnish and most products of incomplete combustion.
    ENVIROCARE 370 is a solvent-based coal tar solubilizer and emulsion cleaner, containing a blend of aromatic hydrocarbons and surface-active agents. It is used for the removal of coal tar, crude, benzene, bitumen and similar substances. It is an economical cleaner that can be used for cleaning heavily contaminated metal parts as well as for tank cleaning.
    AMEROID DC is a specially formulated blend of surfactants, solvents and acids designed to remove carbonaceous and varnish deposits from lube and fuel oil separator discs. It has proven its effectiveness when fuel incompatibility and increased sludge formation occur.
    ENVIROMATE 2000 is a water-based cleaner formulated to meet the marine industry’s safety and performance requirements. Through its unique blend of cleaning agents, it is a non-flammable, general purpose cleaner perfect for a broad range of surface, deck, engine, and offshore applications. It is also recommended for ultrasonic cleaning applications.


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Drew Marine offers a suite of maintenance chemicals and light equipment designed to remove typical soils and foulants encountered in the engine room. With experience in cleaning critical systems such as boilers, evaporators, air coolers, separators, filters, and electric motors and parts, our chemicals ensure Drew Marine provides tailored, cost-effective solutions to ensure your systems and engine rooms are maintained at peak efficiency.



Drew Marine is a renowned name in the maritime industry, known for its pioneering technology and exceptional customer support. With a legacy spanning nearly a century, Drew Marine has consistently delivered innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet the diverse needs of the industry.MariTeam is proud to be a stockholder of Drew Marine and offer their complete range of maritime products, including chemicals, test kits, and technical products such as dosing systems, welding products, and packing products.For customers, MariTeam provides bespoke quotes and technical advice. Contact us at sales@mariteam.dk for more information.
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