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Inadequate monitoring and treatment of cooling water can lead to hard-scale formation that insulates metal surfaces, impedes heat transfer, and under deposit corrosion. These conditions can lead to localized overheating, metal failure, and critical equipment damage. The innovative, effective cooling water treatment products and programs minimize damage and contamination issues from occurring in cooling water systems

DREWGARD XTA is a cooling water treatment that provides excellent protection from corrosion, cavitation, and deposits in marine diesel engines. It is particularly suited for modern high-speed engines.

LIQUIDEWT cooling water treatment is a corrosion inhibitor for protecting recirculating cooling and heating water systems. This treatment is an excellent treatment for diesel engine primary and secondary cooling water; it is also suited for use in chilled water systems.

MAXIGARD diesel engine water treatment prevents corrosion and mineral scale in recirculating cooling water systems for medium- and high-speed marine diesel engines. It is suitable for treating chilled water and many other recirculating systems.

PERFORMAX 345M corrosion inhibitor is a blend of unique organic compounds designed specifically for use in closed recirculating calcium chloride brine systems. The product provides multi-metal corrosion inhibition.

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Drew Marines innovative, effective cooling water treatment products and programs, when properly monitored through onboard testing and complemented by support from Drew Marine, minimize problems such as corrosion, deposits, mineral scale, and microbiological contamination from occurring in cooling water systems.

When you choose Drew Marine as your technical partner for water treatments, Drew Marine will guide your crew members through our programs and proper sampling, monitoring, and control parameters to ensure successful onboard water treatment.



Drew Marine has for decades been leading the maritime industry in innovative technology, responsive delivery and cost-effective solutions to unique problems for almost a century.

MariTeam is stockholder for Drew Marine and we are able to support with the full range of chemicals, test kits and technical products such as dosing, welding and packing products.

MariTeam is able to supply in all of Denmark, contact sales@mariteam.dk for a bespoke quote and technical advice.

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