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A durable doormat employing innovative design.

It can easily be extended to any size you choose by combining several mats.
This product differs slightly from the rest of our range, yet is still multifunctional, and provides effective drainage and ventilation for the surface beneath.

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Available as standard in the following sizes:
A = 86 x 57 cm
B = 71 x 43 cm
C = 57 x 43 cm

Bergo Turf is 100% recyclable and can ultimately be incinerated at district heating plants for heating our homes, with no environmentally-harmful emissions.

Dealers can put together their own collection in their choice of colours and sizes.

Material:    Made of PE-composite. Recyclable material. PVC free.
Format:     Size A: 86 x 57 cm, Size B: 71 x 43 cm, Size C: 57 x 43 cm.


Here we show the colors that are standard and stock items for this product.

* = limited stock


BERGO Flooring

Bergo Marine offers floor tiles are especially developed for extremely tough environments. With IMO approval Bergo Excellence is a deck covering offering a big advantage - lay a floor on a ship couldn't be easier. It is easy to install. The basic material for all Bergo floors is eco-friendly PP-composite (polypropylene). It is a material that is 100% recyclable. Bergo floors are also recyclable in a more direct form too. They can be moved from one place to another.