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AMEROYAL evaporator treatment is a liquid combination of active polymer and antifoam used to prevent scale deposition in high and low-pressure evaporators. AMEROYAL treatment is proven effective in seawater, brackish and fresh water.

AMEROYAL treatment may be used to remove existing scale deposits.

AMEROYAL treatment is used or approved for use in evaporators by the following organizations: U.K. Board of Trade, Norwegian State Institute, Sasakura-Atlas, Japan Food Medical Association, and the Yokohama City Institute of Health.

AMEROYAL evaporator treatment is available in 25-liter containers (PCN 0024406).


  • Polyelectrolyte scale inhibitor
  • Does not contain any phosphates
  • Contains an antifoam


  • Prevents scale and minimizes acid cleaning or cold shocking
  • Can remove existing scale, thereby reducing the need for acid cleaning
  • Does not form adherent sludges
  • Prevents foaming and carryover


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