The Crewsaver Immersion Suit is purpose designed to meet the following IMO/SOLAS regulations and is fully approved.

  • Can be unpacked and donned, including warm inner clothing and a lifejacket, within two minutes.
  • Is made from fire retardant neoprene.
  • Covers the whole body except the face.
  • Minimises trapped air.
  • Withstands a jump into water from 4.5m.
  • A typical wearer’s core body temperature should not drop by more than 2°C after six hours in calm water of 0-2°C.
  • Meets various mobility & dexterity requirements, ensuring casualties can assist themselves.

The Crewsaver Immersion Suit has been carefully designed and constructed to ensure ease of use and maximum protection:

  • Manufactured from 5mm double lined fire retardant neoprene. Provides good insulation and resistance to oil, sunlight and seawater.
  • Each suit is supplied in it’s own carry bag with donning instructions, and is quick and easy to put on.
  • Complete with a one piece durable metal zip and ankle adjusters.
  • The suit is designed to minimise the possibility of air being trapped inside.
  • This eliminates the need for vent valves which add to the cost of other designs and require additional servicing.
  • All seams are glued and blind stitched to ensure waterproofness. Critical areas are also taped for additional reinforcement. The foot sole is reinforced.
  • Neoprene face seals, gloves, mouth and nose mask for a secure seal and added comfort.
  • The integral gloves are five fingered for greater dexterity and there is an additional overglove for extra insulation which is stowed in its own sleeve pocket.
  • Safety aids include: SOLAS grade retro-reflective tape on head, chest, arms, and back. Whistle. Buddy line stowed in sleeve pocket. An optional 50mm nylon strop with a stainless steel D ring can also be fitted as can an approved lifejacket style light.
  • Three sizes available

Testing and Approvals
All Crewsaver Immersion Suits are individually tested before they leave the factory and are fully approved IMO/SOLAS by Lloyds Register.

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