1MG4 Smart Solas Suit 1A

style 1MG4A2N07

international flame / black

Gives 0.41 CLO thermal protection value which provides approximate predicted protection times as follows:

– watertemp. <5°C: 1,5h protection
– watertemp. 5°C – 10°C : 2,5h protection
– watertemp. 10°C – 15°C : 4,0h protection
– watertemp. >15°C: 6,0h protection

Inherent buoyancy in excess of 80 N / Fully waterproof / SOLAS/IMO approved retroreflective tape / Neoprene 5 fingered gloves stored in the sleeve pockets / Inset neoprene wrist seals and neck seal / Neoprene boots / Additional neoprene hood for use in an abandonment situation.















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