All Daniamant Lifebuoy lights are designed to deliver, as a minimum standard, the 2cd output specification and 2 hour duration required by IMO SOLAS regulations. The L162 is also designed to meet the additional requirements of the USCG and the specified 15 hour duration. For more detailed product information please select the model you require from the menu. For a product brochure detailing all lifebuoy models please select the download option below.

Daniamant proudly presents a new range of lifebuoy lights. The L162 with its USCG and SOLAS/MED approvals is the third model in the range.

Key features:

– USCG approved
– SOLAS/MED approved
– Five year life. No maintenance or replacement batteries are required
– Compact size
– 76 meter drop height, exceeding SOLAS requirement
– Easy fitting
– LED technology
– Exempt from Class 9 transport requirements